Cardano Stake Pool Operator


"Everything is within"

- Musashi Miyamoto


Thank you for considering us. We’ve been closely following Cardano project since 2017 and have invested substantially, both time and money. Below are just a few of the reasons why Tokyo Samurai Staking, ticker: TSS, is a pool you can trust to grow your ADA investment.

Tokyo Samurai Staking カルダノ ステークプール
Why should you choose Tss?

Long Term Commitment

We are here for the long term. We are three experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about Cardano project. We will be here to run the pool until our last breath.


As you can see from our topology, our Cardano server infrastructure has a global footprint. We currently have servers in: Japan, Netherlands, France, and USA.

Layered Security

We layer multiple security features on top of one another. We enlist current best practices like air-gapped workstation, multi-factor authentication, restricting management traffic to specific locations, certificate based authentication, etc.


FAST Networking

Generally speaking, public clouds have really fast Internet. Our speed tests have shown up to 6 or so gigabits per second of speed–this is 6 times faster than the fastest residential Internet speed (“gigabit”).

DDoS Protection

A DDoS attack is an attempt to send so much traffic to a computer that is overwhelmed and can’t function (like, say mint a block). Our infrastructure has built in Distributed Denial of Service attack mitigation. 


Not only are do the servers themselves have redundant power supplies and other features, but there are redundant racks of computers, including geographically distant.